Roger Hodgson

The only Italian stop of the World Tour of Breakfast in America , will be the one of When We Were Kids 2019! The successes of SUPERTRAMP will resonate with the historical voice of Roger Hodgson , founder and author of the group's hits, in Piazza Paccini in a special summer edition of the event.

On August 27 in Piazza Paccini will perform the historical voice of SUPERTRAMP, ROGER HODGSON, in the only Italian stage of a tour created to celebrate the forty years of "Breakfast in America". From "It’s raining again" to "The logical song" the unique opportunity to listen to the unforgettable successes of a band and an iconic disk between pop-blues and progressive.

We left last October in a crowded and festive square on the notes of three great international music: Christopher Cross, Kid Creole & The Coconuts and, for the grand finale, Earth Wind And Fire.

A few months to recover energy and to start new contacts in search of a name that could direct the spotlight of international music on Liguria and Alassio. A few months to analyze also the pros and cons of a formula that since its first edition has not stopped surprising, evolving, improving.

"A formula - explain the organization - that requires a significant deployment of forces, people and energies, which goes far beyond that of a" simple concert ".

The most obvious change is the date change, August 27th, due not so much to internal evaluations, as to the availability of the group engaged in a world tour started by New Zealand, and which will allow us to host the only Italian stop.

"Coming precisely to the artists on stage this year - adds Giampiero Colli, creator and spirit guide of the event - the effort has been remarkable but extremely qualifying: on August 27 in Piazza Paccini in Alassio will perform the iconic and unmistakable voice of ROGER HODGSON , and we will be able to listen to the hits of SUPERTRAMP in the only Italian stage of a tour created to celebrate the forty years of "Breakfast in America". Honestly, I saw it as an opportunity that we could not miss: just think that the many pre-summer stops at the Olympia in Paris have been sold out for months ... "

The other novelty, dictated rather by the variety and breadth of the group's repertoire, was to focus the concert on a single artist: "Dreamer", "Breakfast in America", "Take the long way home", School "," Fool's overture ”,“ Hide in your shell ”,“ Give a little bit ”,“ It's raining again ”,“ Had a dream ”, and the wonderful“ If everyone was listening ”but above all“ The logical song ”are tracks that everyone we listened and listened again, "whipping" the vinyls ".

Another novelty of absolute importance is the catering formula: no longer street food but an idea that, by itself, constitutes an event. The stretch of Via Dante from Piazza Paccini to the intersection with Via Diaz will be closed to traffic, and set up as an elegant outdoor restaurant, with one hundred tables for ten people each.

Not only: the dishes and every culinary aspect will be taken care of by two sacred monsters of gastronomy: the "dessert department" will see the welcome return of Ernst Knam, always a friend of "When we were kids", while the dinner will be set up and curated by best catering and high gastronomy company in Italy, the Milanese "Peck", true legend of the art of reception. An idea that arises from the preference shown in recent years for the formula including dinner, whose tickets were literally snapped up from the first days of sale.

"This will allow us to expand the offer - explain the organization - but also a drastic reduction in prices compared to last year, continuing in the footsteps of Giampiero Colli with the intention of giving the city the widest possible audience for events unique "

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